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It was cute...

I like the clocks and the animation was spiffy. Nice new style. I think I'll follow your work.

Good music! Too bad the rest bit...

But really, good music, a flash does not make... sorry...

ReservoirClock responds:

Thanks for the review <3

Hear hear!

A plus material! Support American troops or don't call yourself American... Can it be, an American flash that isn't liberal to an extream?? Yay 'Bout time!

With all due respect,
Jac Greene

EX-Death responds:

Thank you. The troops deserve our respect.


I've always loved that ^____^

With all due respect,
Jac Greene

1 word: Speakonia

You cna find Speakonia, The official clock voice thing at download dot com. Otherwise this was a good flash. Don't try to make the voice effect with your own voice. It's pretty creepy. XD. Sorry. Good animation, and pretty funny.


The art was pretty, but it was just a girl with some weird affect and music. This is just like the other "666" movies. Maybe nextime you should actually make a flash where something happens. I have seen your other flashes and their not that bad. Next time make more animation, not just a picture with sound effects.

With all due respect,
Jac Greene

Ps: LinkinPark Is pretty cool.

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

no its not >:(


It was funny, but not well done. Next time put more time into it. Otherwise, a very good idea. I really liked the Islam comment. Why can't we make fun of Islam? People make fun of Christians all the time! We should be able to say what we want about faith. Thats free speech, which has recently been allowed on the internet.

With all due respect,
Jac Greene

A Series of Unrelated Events huh?

I wonder what other series that tital sounds like... Anyway, just as delightfully random as the others! 5/5 X3

With all due respect,
Jac Greene

Nate-Pyrokai responds:

XD Well any resemblence my series has in name to any other one is purely coincidental. Honestly D:... But I'm glad you did like it and thank you muchly for the 5!


Why?! Why did you not put more time into this? This had so much potential! next time, put more love, and time into your work. with more movement, and better animation this could be alot better!

With all due respect,
Jac Greene


This was a true work of art. Unfortunatly, NG is not the place for art. I'm sorry. Try submitting to Deviant art.
whoa, I feel as if I've said this before

With all due respect,
Jac Greene

Hmetal responds:

I understood your pont of veiw, but thanks for the review.

By the way, this work already is on deviant art.

Thanks =)

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